Parent's Name: Roxanna and Terence Alcantra
Child's Name: Aden
Child's Date of birth: 02/05/2009
Location: San Diego, CA

Diagnosis: Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD),
and Short Gut Syndrome


Aden Alcantra, Our Miracle Baby!

Our little one, Aden was diagnosed with having hydronephrosis, dilated
ureters, and a dilated bladder therefore resulting in Posterior Uretheral
Valves in womb when he was 30 weeks old through an ultra sound. We were given
the news that no parent wants to hear- our son could be a stillbirth, or
worse yet he could die shortly after birth.

Aden was born premature at 32 weeks old on Feb. 5, 2009 at UCSD
Medical Center. He weighed 4 pounds 9 ounces. Our poor baby had so much
extra fluid (90 ml of urine) in his little body that it wasn’t letting him
breath. As soon as he was born he was rushed out of the room. However,
before he was rushed out, I heard all I needed to hear- a tiny spontaneous
cry. That cry meant the world to me. I had tears in my eyes as I thought
about what a strong willed baby we had. The doctors tried to intubate Aden
three times, but were unsuccessful. Thankfully, they were able to intubate
him on the fourth try. I am so grateful to them for not giving up on Aden.

From the first day that Aden was born I knew in my heart that he was a
fighter. Nevertheless, I remember how afraid I felt to touch his little hand
when I was finally allowed. I am grateful that I did because that is how he
showed me that he was an extremely strong boy and that he was not going to
give up. He let us know that he was ready for the challenges that lay ahead
of him. He grabbed onto my finger and held on so tight. It was such an
amazing moment. I knew God was with us and he had given us a special angel.
After that, I knew that he was going to be alright.

Two weeks later, on February 14, 2009, he was transferred to Rady
Children's Hospital. Aden‘s obstructive uropathy lead to pulmonary
hyperplasia. Eventually, he was diagnosed with having, posterior urethral
valves, end stage renal disease, bone mineral density disease, anemia,
hypothyroid, and short gut syndrome amongst other diagnosis’s. We were
again told that he might not make it, and that if he did he would have a long
road ahead of him. There were certainly moments when we had our scares and
times when some doctors were ready to give up on Aden, but we never did.

Granted, Aden has been through some extremely difficult times, ( over
16 operations, and too many procedures to count) but he has managed to
overcome each and everyone of them. Seeing our son continue to persevere each
and every day gives us the strength that we need for him.

Fortunately, after spending 7 months in the hospital (6 of them in the
NICU), Aden was finally able to come home on his actual 7 month birthday,
September 5, 2009! We were finally together as a family! What an immense and
joyful feeling it was to have our little "precioso" home!

Aden has now been home for 18 months and is making good progress. He
is on hemodialysis four days out of the week for three hours a day at Rady
Children’s Hospital. Our “big” boy was officially put on the kidney
transplant list on April 5, 2010! He is on medical hold until he makes his
goal weight of 10 kilos and has his last surgery. Currently he is weighing 11
kilos, but still needs his last surgery, so just a little more to go.

Yes, Aden still has a long road ahead like the doctors told us, but he
is doing well, and all thanks to the wonderful doctors, nurses, family, and
friends that we have. Everyone’s love, support, and kindness are
definitely the reasons why Aden is so fun loving. We are truly blessed to
have such a resilient, happy boy!