Catheters and Bags

PUVs often means some sort of surgery and many surgeries involve having a catheter (sometimes more than one) and the bags they are attached to. Dealing with a wiggly toddler who has three catheters hanging out of them is a real challenge.

Tape the catheters to the legs with ample catheter above the tape so they they can move freely, but do not pull on the catheter.

While inpatient you might have the freedom to take a walk down the hallway or around the hospital, use a pillow case to carry all the bags and tubing. This can be placed in the basket of a stroller, or held by the parent as the child is carried or walks.

If you are outpatient, I found that having the child wear overalls worked well. The catheter would go down the pant leg and then I would hang the bag to the back of the overalls. Of course this also meant I had to lower the bag to drain the tubing occasionally, but it helped the child to walk around fairly easily without pulling on the tubing or tripping over the bag.