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Parent's Name: Clint and Josie Robinson
Child's Name: Claus
Child's Date of birth: 07/25/2005
Location: Rockford, MN

Diagnosis: Posterior Urethral Valves

Different from most of these stories, we did not know of any problems with
Claus until he was born. After almost 2 days in the Level II nursery, he was
moved to Children's where he was diagnosed with PUVs. He spent 6 weeks
there, had a few rocky moments and one day after he turned 6 weeks old, we
brought him home and never looked back.

Since he was born, Claus has had 2 surgeries, 4 hospital stays, hundreds of
sets of labs and tests and taken thousands of doses of medication. He has
also learned to walk, talk, draw, imagine, laugh and all the other millions
of things children do by the age of 5. He is a beautiful little boy with a
sweet and patient disposition. No one ever knows there is a thing wrong with
him unless he needs them to know.

Currently, we are giving Claus the opportunity to do what he can. He does
take a decent amount of medications, but he grows and develops on his own.
His brand of renal failure produces excessive amounts of output and therefore
requires a lot of intake. He is at very high risk for rapid dehydration, so
we have to watch that. His future will include a transplant, but for now, he
is holding his own. When Claus was 1 week old we were told his need for
dialysis was imminent and transplant would be needed at 1 year of age. Claus
is now 5.5, he has never needed dialysis (probably won't) and still has his
own two kidneys, crappy as they are.

Just a few more things, he is looking forward to starting kindergarten this
fall and would really like to be a pirate when he turns 16.