Giving Medication

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Most of our kids will need medication of one kind or another. Sometimes doctors and pharmacists don't think to mention that certain drugs should or shouldn't be given together. These are some tips from parents, but please be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist in case your child's doctor has something else in mind.

Don't give iron or multivitamins before dialysis, it gets dialized out.

Don't give Bicitra and tums together. It turns into a whole new compound that isn't good. (calcium carbonate + Sodium citrate= calcium acetate)

Don't give Iron with "stomach meds"

Don't give prevacid with protein (give on empty stomach)

Don't give iron with calcium (they interfere with each others absorption)

Bicitra is best (by mouth) if mixed in chocolate syrup (the major sweet knocks out the major bitter flavor)

Growth hormone is best given in the evening/night because that is when the body normally releases it.

Give liquid meds with oral syringe instead of a spoon. Put syringe toward the back of the cheek, it makes it harder to spit out.