Parent's Name: Kelly Borders
Child's Name: Jordan
Child's Date of Birth: 10/20/1992
E-mail address:
Location: Acworth, Ga
Diagnosis: PUV's


I worked as a RN in the newborn/ NICU nursery. Being that Jordan was my first baby , I was super excited. I ran back to L&D a whole lot to get ultrasounds to watch my baby grow. "Wow, Kelly, your baby always has to pee" rang in my ears every-time I had a look by sonogram to look at him. He always seem to have an enlarged bladder and why was that. Something, I believe it was God, told me to mention to the OB next time I went to see him for my normal check up. I had one sonogram at his office and everything had appeared to be okay. When I mentioned this to my OB, he said "we should do a sonogram and check it out". Nothing could have prepared me for the tailspin I would go through that day. This was the one appt that my husband did not come to. I was going to find out that my baby had hydronephrosis of the kidneys and I would need to go see a specialist. I could hardly see through my tears enough to make it home. There in the kitchen of our first starter home, I shared with my husband the devastating news, something was wrong with our baby and it would probably require surgery after he was born.The days after that I would do a lot of researching on my own. I got in to see the Perinatologist soon after the initial discovery. He would verify to me that it could be a twisted ureter, PUV's or something more serious. Nevertheless, he had a blockage and it was keeping him from having an adequate flow of urine in utero. Our friends, family, and church community held us close for the next 8 weeks. My nurse friends banded me from all of our medical books at the hospital(I was getting coming up with all kinds of diagnosis') and tried to stay upbeat for me.After 8 weeks, I was induced and a beautiful healthy- appearing 9 lb 8 oz. baby boy was born . I had him at the hospital where I worked and my fellow pediatricians kept close watch over him. I insisted in seeing a pediatric urologist before Jordan was born. I was glad I had. Everything was in line and ready to go once he was born. The next day, his creatinine level soared and it was time to go to the Children's hospital. We packed, left my hospital and headed for the unknown. The diagnostic tests showed PUV's. Now we had to assess the damage. After a nuclear DPTA renal scan, the scan showed only one kidney to be functioning. I took a deep breath, my baby had lost a kidney because of PUV's. After discovering that scar tissue that once was a kidney had grade 5 reflux , we learned it would have to be removed. 4 Months later, I took my beautiful baby back to Children's to have a nephrectomy. He bounced back quicker than I could imagine. 17 years later, here we are. He is a normal boy VERY active in sports and has a sweet girlfriend. He is very smart and takes AP classes. We are excited for what the future has to bring. Many years ago, I begged the urologist and everyone I knew in the medical community to please just let me talk to another mother who went through the same thing. I needed to know he was going to be alright and needed someone to talk to so bad. That never happened for me, but my hopes are to be here for some other mother who is experiencing the same thing I went though. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I give God the Glory.