LukeParents Names: Matt & Jade
Child's Name: Luke
Child's Date of Birth: 9/20/2006
Location: San Tan Valley, Arizona

Diagnosis: PUV's with end-stage renal disease and kidney transplant


I was induced at 38 weeks for preeclampsia. Luke was born on Sept. 21st 2006
weighing in at 7lbs. 2oz. He was not breathing right so they took him to the
NICU where they found he had a pneumothorax which is air between the chest
wall and lungs. He was placed under an oxygen hood for 24hrs. and it went
away on it's own. However, Luke was a poor eater because nothing could keep
him awake. I got him to start eating a little and the hospital sent him home.
He was still having trouble eating and started to loose weight. His newborn
screen came back abnormal a week and a half after he was born. The doctor
sent us for more blood tests and those came back abnormal again. So, the
doctor sent us straight to the hospital. Luke's potassium was so high, he was
in danger of having a heart attack. They did some tests including an
ultrasound and noticed his kidneys and bladder were enlarged. The next day he
had a VCUG where he was diagnosised with a PUV. He went into have it removed
the next day. Luke also got a G-tube around the same time because he was
failure to thrive. He remained in the hospital were the doctors monitored
his kidney function. Although his kidney function got better after the valve
was removed, his kidney function never got to a normal range. He started
peritoneal dialysis at six weeks old. He then received a mitrofanoff to get
him ready for transplant in November of 2007. He was placed on the transplant
list on Feb 14th 2008 and received his transplant on April 19th 2008. After
transplant, Luke's bladder function improved so his urologist agreed to take
down the mitrofanoff which he had never done before!! We are still having
potty training issues but he is able to pee without damaging the transplant.
Luke went into antibody mediated rejection in May of 2009. He has been
through several rounds of IVIG and plasmapheresis. The doctors have not been
able to get rid of the antibodies but, he is stable and we are just watching
his kidney function very closely. He has had 35 surgeries so far and is such
a blessing to everyone who knows him!!! He is a spunky 3 year old who is ALL
boy!! He loves cars and superheros. To me, he's my superhero and inspiration
to keep going!