Potty Training

Potty Training can be difficult no matter how healthy your child is. Some of our kids might never be able to control urine and some not even bowel, but the majority will finally get to the potty training stage.

A great thing to use is a doll that pees. Use it to demonstrate how to use the potty. Maybe only let them play with it while in the bathroom or sitting on the potty.

It can help to have the child use the bathroom at regular intervals, this can help a lot for children that don't always feel the sensation of needing to urinate, and it can help to keep the bladder as empty as possible, so there can be less reflux into the kidneys.

It helps to have a boy sit on the toilet and lean forward to help him empty the bladder. Often these children will need double or even triple void. Have them go, then wait a few seconds and try again, it can help to get rid of any residual urine left in the bladder.